Ultimate Phone Accessories That Can Save Your Wallet From Hard Dent

The abundance of various phone models on the market is well-matched by the abundance of accessories for them. From colorful phone cases to some pretty expensive bling, there are lots of “extras” to personalize your mobile phone and make it the most it can be. And these accessories wont only be making your phone look good but they will keep it safe for long run.

We leave the choice of fashion additions and tweaks up to you, and in this list turn our attention to the more practical side of your mobile life.

Here are 5 smartphone accessories that we believe can be significant assets to your phone and save you from potential troubles and inconveniences.

Screen Protector

Our smartphone screens are getting bigger and there seems to be no stopping the process in the nearest future (no matter how we may feel about it). With screens being the biggest, most vulnerable and expensive-to- fix elements of our smartphones – all the ingredients for a disaster are in place, especially if you take your phone on outdoor trips and active adventures.

There is a great selection of screen protectors, that can keep your phone’s screen not only protected against impact, but also keep it clean and scratch-proof, with Gorilla glass screen protectors and tempered glass screen protectors being the most popular choices.

Note: If somehow you still get your smartphone’s screen damage and want an expert mobile technician at your door step who can perfectly fix your mobile screen issues, then rely using our mobile repairing services.

Waterproof Case

The accessory that seems to be meant specifically for summer months is a waterproof case. When headed for the beach, tanning by the swimming pool or simply splashing around in the fountain at the park, excitement can take over and you may forget about the expensive smartphone knocking about in your back pocket. Water damage is a serious problem for your mobile device and may lead to major consequences rendering your phone completely useless. With this in mind, taking a few extra minutes to waterproof your phone seems like a reasonable and money saving decision.

Anti-lost Alarm

All the accessories in the world won’t make a difference if your smartphone goes missing. That is why an accessory that is meant to prevent that from happening should be at the top of your “to-buy” list. There is a variety of anti-lost gadgets available and you can choose one to fit your requirements of size and even color. These anti-lost gadgets are surely a better way to get your other valuables protected too, such as: wallets, car and house keys and more.


True, there is nothing wrong with the conventional way to charge your phone and plugging your device into a power source will get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to try something new or find Qi-charging a more convenient way to get your smartphone powered up. Qi charging mats come in different sizes and shapes and you may find it easier to take one along or just keep it in your bag for emergency cases.

Solar Charger Or Powerbank

Since charging seems to be a major part of our mobile experience, it makes sense there are quite a number of gadgets aiming to simplify the process. A solar charger is not only good for the planet, but is also a powerful and convenient accessory – and a perfect one for the great outdoors. When planning a hiking trip or a picnic, do consider giving it a try. Solar chargers and power banks come with different battery capacities and some of them are well-adjusted for rugged outdoor environments.

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