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The idea for Airport Valet parking at Bradley International Airport originated at a small mom and pop pizza shop owned by Guy`s father, Domenico. Shortly after Domenico opened Piccolo`s Pizzaria in 1968, he noticed that cars were parking on the soft shoulder on the highway and people were walking to the airport because there wasn`t enough parking at the airport. So in 1971, Domenico and Guy`s brother, Frank, came up with the idea to start parking cars next to the Pizzeria. Domenico purchased a 1971 Volkswagen bus to bring people back and forth to the airport, instructed Guy to hand-clear a field with a machete, and Piccolo`s Air Parking was born. When Domenico passed away in 1975, Guy took over the business. Thus began Guy Piccolo`s multi-dimensional entry and highly successful career in the world of valet parking.