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Notta & Belle are beautiful gifts for girls. They have their own production in Russia. They work, invent new products, so that when delivery them, the girl squealed with happiness. Their Products Forever Rose. A rose bear is an unforgettable gift for your dearest person. Unforgettable because of its beauty and meaning. But also unforgettable, because the bear will accompany you for years, without withering - and reminds you of your love day after day. High quality roses, that retain living flower properties for 5 years. Large selection of gifts made from roses. Personalize your order with designs and a special gift box with Notta & Belle. You want to give your Infinity roses an individual touch? Or surprise your recipient with a personal message? You are welcome to order your roses in the glass with an engraving - either with a pre-made saying or with your own words. In addition, they can wrap your gift in a stylish gift box.All roses in their range need no care, not a single drop of water and look great for years.