5 Pro Tips To Keep Your Phone Away From Over Heating In Summers

Within few days, we will be jumping into the most loved season of the year and that’s summer. We will be running towards beach to stay cool and enjoy the weather, but while the temperature will be warming up, your phone might not be able to take the heat. Thus, chances are that you will face some real issues. And once your phone is in trouble, it simply indicates that your day-to-day life will be facing issues.

Why the summers really affect phones? The answer is: your phone’s internal temperature changes based on the temperature of its environment. And in summers, when the sun will be shining high, most probably your cell phone will also get too hot. In result, you may face some major problems like draining your battery, causing a forced shutdown of your phone, or melting your Central Processing Unit and battery.

Keep in mind that whenever your phone gets overheated, there will be no guarantee that it will either be able to restart. However, to prevent your mobile’s overheating, we are here with some tips that can help you keeping your phone safe from heat-up disaster this summer.

Refrain Phone From Direct Sunlight

While going to work, we love the direct sunlight in the morning and any time when on beach, but for phones this direct heat from the sun can be really dangerous. The phone easily catches heat and light from the sun and reserves it, and the hotness will get even more as per the exposure to the sun. You must have hand bag in which you can keep your phone and place that bag in the area where no direct sunlight can affect your device. So, while trying to prevent your cell phone from heat, the easiest way is to avoid direct sunlight and heat that can damage it badly.

Keep All Unused Phone-Apps Turned off

Keeping all the apps of your phone running even when you are not using them is the worst thing you can do to your cell phone. Each and every app that is running in the background will make your battery burden more and in result it will increases the heat on your phone. For Example: If you have an iPhone, all you need to do is simply press the home button twice and with just a touch, swipe all the unused apps away. And once you will close all the unused apps down, it will not only save battery but also decreases the load of work your phone handles.

High Brightness Isnt all you Need, Go For Smarter Choice

In spite of Turning Your Phones’ brightness up, prefer buying a glare screen. It will not only be safe option but will surely maximize the life of your phone. How the brightness can heat-up your phone? It’s simple, just as running background apps can make your mobile gets heat up, in same manner, turning the brightness up will affect battery life of your device. The high brightness will force your mobile to work harder. This is why we have suggested going for a glare screen, it will solve your issues of less brightness and will let your phone stay cool. Once, you will have the glare skin, you will be able to use your phone in sun as well without having second thought about the direct sun light.

Make Less Use Of Your Mobile Phone

It’s simple to do and easy to understand. And we hope that you will not have any issues while switching off your cell phone or turning it to airplane mode when not using it or sleeping. If you are in office or some other place where you are in mood of keeping an eye on time and listening to music, then putting it in airplane mode will be convenient and perfect for you and your phone. Both the options will make it easier to prevent it from heating up and save your battery.

Never Keep The Phone Cased Up In Summers

When it’s hot outside, keep a check on your phone and if it is overheating, never ignore taking its case off. If your mobile is heating-up, it’s simple that case will trap the heat. And taking the case off will surely allow your cell’s heat vents to do their job perfectly without being blocked. And, thus, the removing phone’s case will help it get cool down quicker.

If Nothing Works, Take Mobile Technician Services

In case, if none of the above tips will work, don’t hesitate in taking some mobile repairing services. And when it comes to take some expert mobile repairing services at your door step, Smart Fix is the place you can rely on. Our professional mobile repairing experts are always ready to help customers out by reaching them within 24 hours from the time they took an appointment. And all the repairing will be done in front of you at your given address in most affordable price range.

Stay cool and enjoy this summer as never before!

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