Rumors About iPhone 9 - It Brings Something New

Yes, it is true that the launching of iPhone X make people disappointed due to its high cost. After iPhone 8 people expect that iPhone 9 should come with the price similar to that of iPhone 8 or maybe has a slight difference. But the releasing of iPhone X shattered the expectations of people. Now Apple fulfills your demand and provides you an iPhone 9 soon in this month of September according to their launching schedule.


According to the people, one of the cheapest iPhones is iPhone 9. Following are the rumors that are spread about the design and specifications.


People feel that the front view of iPhone 9 has the features of both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. According to which there is no home button on the screen, having face ID camera and bezel-free design. It may also have a face recognition sensor, face time camera along with the notch feature at the top of the display screen.

·         BACK VIEW:

When it’s come to the material, apple always has a high quality material used in the designing of their phone. This same thing goes with the iPhone 9. IPhone 9 probably launch having a metal back and is called single LCD phone.

·         COLOURS:

It might be possible that iPhone 9 come up with the golden colour. A golden colour is considered as one of the most attracting colours for the phone users. The sailing demand of golden colour phone is high as compared to another phone. Therefore, people think, this time iPhone 9 also fulfil the golden colour expectation for the phone.

·         SCREEN SIZE:

The prediction from some news is that iPhone could come with three different screen sizes:

1.      One may be 5.7 to 5.8-inch screen with LCD

2.      The Second rumour is 6.0 to 6.1 inch either wit LCD or OLED

3.      Last one prediction is 6.5-inch OLED screen.

                   The last rumour about the screen size is that it could be 6.04-inch screen.


The iPhone X has come with the highest screen resolution that is 2436 × 2415 inches and also have high pixel density about 456 ppi (pixels per inch). After these high advancements it is thought that the next generation of the Apple is limit to 458 ppi. But after sometime the rumour spread that Apple that make the contract with eMagin can provide 2500 ppi pixel density. But there is also a fact that such high pixel density is used for VR based headsets. Therefore, it is beneficial for Apple in term of VR initiative.

·         KINDS OF SCREEN:

Researcher found that this year Apple come with two iPhone both with LCD screen. One LCD may have 5.7 to 5.8 inch display screen while other has 6.0 to 6.2 inches. There are also some reports that announces that Apple also plan to use Micro-LED screen. Micro-LED is more beneficial than OLED as it provides high brightness, consumes low power, ultra-high definitions, high colour intensity, longer lifetimes, high performance and faster response rate as well.


·         SCREEN DESIGN:

IPhone 9 may has curved screen according to the rumours. But this curve screen is only possible in term of an OLED display rather than LCD. Some researchers also tell that Apple further takes 2 to 3 years to provide this desired curved version on the screen. So it might be possible that iPhone 9 not have curved screen probably.



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