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How to Judge When It’s Time to Replace Your Mobile`s Battery

It’s an arguable fact that your phone’s battery is as important as heart is essential for a human to stay alive. We can expect that our phone battery could perform better for a long run, but there are cases when you need to get it changed. And the real task it how to understand when it’s really a time to replace it and from where to get quality products with amazing service.

As great as it would be, batteries don’t last forever and have only so many charge cycles. Your cell phone battery can degrade over time and slowly you’ll start to notice you won’t get as many hours of use from a single charge. Eventually, your phone may no longer hold its power or turn on at all. Before you panic and think you need a new phone, you may need to have your cell phone battery replaced.

How a Cell Phone Battery Degrades

A cell phone battery does not just turn ‘bad’, unless you’ve dropped your phone in water or damaged it in some other way. Luckily if that happened, cell phone repair may be able to save your device. With batteries, the charging power they hold gradually decreases over time. You most likely won’t notice this until you’ve gone from a charge lasting 8 or 10 hours, to a charge which lasts half of that or less. No matter how hard you may try to keep your battery life up, it will eventually lose its power. When this happens, it’s time to replace your cell phone battery. Quick Phone Tip: Do you have to charge your phone multiple times every day? If so, it’s probably time to replace your cell phone battery; thereby, saving you from frustration or missed conversations.

Is it Time to Replace Your Cell Phone Battery?

Most smartphone users will want to consider replacing a cell phone battery between 10 and 12 months after the purchasing date, as they start feeling the need of it badly. At Smart Fix, we typically see customers who have lost up to 40 percent of their original battery life, and the remaining 60% is not enough to carry out daily calls, messages and tasks in one full charge. And because of this, the battery starts dropping instantly once reaching to the 40% bar. In addition to an obvious loss in battery power, some signs which indicate the need for cell phone battery replacement include:

Your battery appears to be bulging

Your phone is becoming very hot

Your battery level makes sudden drops

Your phone has been exposed to water

You cannot turn your phone on

Can You Fix My Phone’s Battery Issues Really Fast and Smartly?

Yes, if your phones’ battery has lost some, or all, of its power, Smart Fix replaces it in no time at all and we are always ready to help you out with all the minor and huge phone repairing. You won’t need to worry about changing the battery yourself, voiding warranties or sending your phone across the country. Book our phone repairing service at our website and we would love to reach your doorstep and replace your cell phone battery faster than you can say ‘charge’!

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