2 Simple Methods to Fix Broken iPhone Screen at Home

We are living in the age of science and technology. In this world full of technology the best invention that we have is our iPhone. IPhone allows you to do any work on it. You can easily carry your phone with yourself. But what if your iPhone screen is cracked? And you don’t have much time to give it on the shop for repair? Then don’t worry, we will provide you 2 simple methods through which you can quickly fix cracked iPhone screen at your place.


For this method, you just need repairing kit that consists of normal household tools and a new screen.

Lifting up the screen:

  •           With the help of small pentalobe screwdriver (frequently used by Apple) opens the two screws at the right bottom of the home button.
  •          Now take the suction cup and place it on the bottom half of the screen.
  •          If the screen is badly damaged and suction cup is not stick on it then cover the broken screen with tape before using suction cup.
  •          When the suction cup is smoothly stick on the screen then pull it gently. By doing this firmly, the screen starts to remove from the frame.
  •          Once the screen is start to detach then loosen the screen by sliding the pry tool slowly at the bottom of the screen.
  •          Doing the same sliding process on the other sides of the screen slowly to loosen the screen[Note: do it slowly without damaging the home button]
  •      Now put the bottom part of the iPhone and smoothly lift the screen up by making an angle of 90 degrees. But don’t remove the screen completely as it is still connected to some wires.

Removing components:

  •          Remove the metal plate that is inside the top right corner of iPhone by opening the screw.
  •          After removing the metal plate, there are three ribbons that connect the screen and phone together. Remove that ribbons too by using fingertips and lift up the screen.
  •          There is another metal plate that is visible after lifting up the screen. You should remove it by using a pentalobe screwdriver.
  •          Then start removing the metal plate that covers the home screen button, slowly with a pentaloble screwdriver.
  •          The Last thing in this step is to remove the back plate through pentalobe screwdriver by opening all four screw (near to earpiece, near to home button, two along each side of the iPhone) gently.

Placing new screen:

·         After completing the above step, apply the home button screen into the new screen and tied up their screw.

·         Attach that small metal plate at the top of the iPhone and make sure that camera should fix at its position.

·         Reattach the back metal plate by screwing its four screws.

·         Attached the removed earpiece at the top of the iPhone.

·         Connect those detached ribbons to the new screen and place back the metal place on it.

·         After doing all these steps your iPhone and new screen are loosely connected. Fix them by pressing the screen from top to bottom slowly. Then turn on your phone and use it as you want.



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