Enjoy High-Level Gaming Through Fortnite Battle Royale

Do you love to play video games? If yes, then you also agreed with the fact that there are some games that can only play on PC or on play stations. They bound you to one place and never let you move anywhere while gaming. But now you can enjoy the same game as on PC, Play station or Xbox. Yes, fortnite mobile provides you the high-level gaming with the topping of joy and excitement. Now you can sit at your favourite place and enjoy gaming.

Fortnite mobile examines Epic`s Battle Royale game dividing out into new stages. It is available on IOS. But in future, it seems that Android users will also enjoy this feature on their devices.



The announcement in March 2018 is done by Epic Games that now mobile can also have an access to Fortnite Battle Royale. This game is same as 100 player gaming you do from Play Station 4, Mac, PC and Xbox One. The developer of fortnite mobile also announced that it would have the following features:

·         Same gaming and all the content

·         Maps are also same

·         You can also get weekly updates about the new seasons and any interesting challenges.

It also used on different types of computer or with different software packages like across IOS, PC, Mac, Play Station 4 or Xbox. You know that play station 4 and Xbox user are unable to play together. But while playing on PC or mobile, you can easily play with the players of PS4 OR Xbox platforms.



We know that gaming on mobile is much more interesting and comfortable. You can easily move here and there while gaming. Therefore in fortnite mobile, some changes are done with the controls as compared to the controls of PS4, PC, Mac or Xbox. All these changes are done to make the gaming comfortable for a touchscreen. Some changes like getting weapons automatically or door are opened naturally when you reached there. Except for few changes all the rules, places, maps and other characters are same.



As the users of iOS are capable of enjoy fortnite gaming but what about Android user?

When they get the chance to play this game on Android platform? Epic Games answered these questions. According to Epic Games android user can also get this support after few months. Some people said that few months means after some time of games lunches like until summers. But until then you can enjoy fortnite on the iOS support device.



At first fortnite on iOS allows you to an invite-only event in which codes come from the side of Epic. But after some time it offers you to make three invites and pass them to your friends. Now it is available to download freely.


What you have to do next is to select the device. Those devices that support iOS of Corse. These devices include iPhone 6s, iPad etc... that have iOS 11 support.


After selecting the device you all the procedure for downloading is same. You just search the game on the app store, then start gaming by doing sign into the account of Epic Games.



Eager to know how fortnite mobile invites work on iOS? Below are the instructions through which you can easily access it. The developer also thought that this method may be applied to upcoming fortnite android but epic games cannot provide any indication.

1.      From the official site, you first need to sing in for invites in order to play game.

2.      From there the game begins. You will get an email when you have an invite. The email tells that you are up for the game. You have to take iOS support device and get an access to invites. This email also informed you further when you are dignified to invite friends.

3.      Next need is to download the application of fortnite mobile. For downloading you are required to open the URL that is provided by the email. After this application of app store is opened.

4.      App store allows you to download fortnite mobile application. The fortnite app asked you about the invitation email. If you have that email then you can access by login and enjoy gaming otherwise not.

5.      Don`t worry if you don`t have invite email then wait for it. When you get in then continue gaming.



As fortnite mobile also allows you to invite your friends. Once you have an application then load into the lobby. After loading button will appear on the right side. By pressing this button you can copy and paste the invite code for your friend and able to provide them access as well.

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