Wait For IPHONE 9 Is Going to Be Over Soon

No one can deny the fact that mobile phones are the essential need for everyone. Mobile phones let you any type of work. Whether it is your office work or any home-related responsibilities, it also reminds you and helps you to fulfill it on time. Therefore, mobile phones make you work more conveniently. The invention in mobile is increasing day by day. At first, the mobile phone came with buttons like a common ptcl pattern. After some innovation, we have QWERTY keyboards on our mobiles. And now there is a touchscreen technology. There are different types of touch screen phones or you can say smartphones.

The top smart phones brands are Samsung, Nokia and iPhone. Samsung has an Android software, Nokia has windows version and iPhone operates with iOS. All these phones are highly demanded by the customers. All these software provides notification after sometime to get it updated.

But no doubt, iPhone is one of the best smart phones. It is widely used all over the world. All the features and specification of iPhone is remarkable. IPhone has a large number of series. All the models of iPhone have some different high-quality characteristics. The cost of iPhones are not very high. We know all the iPhone users are always waiting to use new iPhone models with many different specifications.

After iPhone 8, the launching of iPhone X makes people curious.  IPhone X means iPhone 10. People are wondering about iPhone 9. They have many questions that why Apple does not release there iPhone 9. And the price of iPhone X is also high as compared to iPhone 8. Whereas iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 has a slight difference in their prices. It makes people think that there must be iPhone 9 but maybe it will launch after sometime.


As we see the Apple’s launching history, it is found that apple always launched there iPhone in the month of September every year. And most commonly it is also examined that the day of launching is Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you are planning to buy newly released iPhone, then do wait for at least mid of September. After the launch of new iPhone model, the sale starts after the week. Therefore, it is a best time to buy the new iPhone at discount price.


The wait for iPhone 9 is going to be over soon. The rumor about the iPhone 9 is that it has some extra ordinary features. According to the launching schedule of iPhone, it is expected that iPhone 9 is also going to be launch in the month of September 2018 but in the 3rd week probably. So don’t forget this date. If you have a busy schedule, then mark the date on your calendars or set a reminder in your smartphone.  

Don’t worry, it is true that iPhone is going to release after iPhone X but the price of iPhone 9 is not as much higher as iPhone X. its price is slightly more than iPhone 8. You can easily buy the new iPhone 9. And if you’re buying it from sale then it will be more suitable for your pocket.

So just wait for a while as something interesting is going to be launch soon in the name of iPhone 9. It fulfills all your expectation that you want to see in new generation of iPhone for sure.

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