Six Pro Tips to Protect Your Cell Phone Screen

Nowadays mobile phones are one of the essential needs of everyone. Whether you are going outside or you are in a home, you need your cell phone for calls, texting or many other works. Therefore to make your phone work longer, it is necessary to take care of your phone. The screen is very sensitive and main part of the cell phone. If it is broken or damage your phone become useless. Hence you should use the followings tips in order to protect the screen of your cell phone.

1.       Place a Glass Protector on Screen:

New smartphone come with the screen made up of Gorilla glass. Gorilla glass is the best quality glass that doesn’t break immediately. But it doesn’t mean that you left your screen unprotected. When you buy a phone, the first thing you should do is to place a glass protector on it. It will keep your screen safe. When your phone is dropped protector will protect the screen from damage.

2.       Protect Your Phone through Case:

Buy a hard case that fixes perfectly on your phone. It prevents the corners as well as the screen of your phone. Sometimes it is found that phone is slipped from the hands. So mobile cases are the best way to provide grip on your phone. Some case also come with the finger loop design on the backside of the case. These case also provides the best grip on your phone.


3.       Keep a Mobile Phone in the Correct Pocket:

When you are not using your phone where you keep it? If you are keeping it in your back pocket so when you sit it might be damaged.  And when you keep it in your shirt pocket it gets out from the pocket easily and causes damage. To keep your phone safe, you should keep it in your purse, briefcase or any zippered pocket.

4.       No Phone Using while Walking:

Using your phone while walking is one of the main causes of damaging the phone screen. While walking if you are busy with texting or doing any phone call, all your concentration is on your texting and results in a collision with other people or from walls. This collision let your phone drop and its screen ruin fully. If you need to send a message or doing call urgently, then set aside perform your work and then continue your journey. This will never cause dropping or breakage of the phone.

5.       Use Mobile Accessories While Driving:

If you are driving and you want to receive any call, then use headphones. If you can’t use it and receive calls directly from a cell phone, it may be drop down while applying break or loosing grip as well. So never use phone directly while driving. Place your phone at the safe place in your car and use mobile accessories for calling otherwise it will damage your screen badly.

6.       Use Good Material for Screen Cleaning:

If the dust is appearing on your screen, then use a soft material cloth to wipe it. By using any rough material like napkins, tissues, paper towels or any other chemical, scratches may appear on a screen. Therefore, use a microfiber cloth to remove any dust from your screen and to keep it safe.

By using all these protection, you phone live is long lasting as it screen remain safe from damage. You can buy best protector and case for your mobile phone at reasonable prices from Smart Fix. Smart fix provides best quality stuff for your phone. We also supply quality repairing services for your phone at your doorstep. Our technicians are expert and repair your loss within a short time. We are only one call away from your home. Just make us a call, tell our experts your phone issue and we guarantee you to fix them within 60 minutes at your place.

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