How to Backup Your Android Data Very Fast & Easily

Nowadays mobile phones solve a lot of problem of daily life. Your mobile phone can hold all your important data and you can easily access it where ever and whenever you want. You can also capture many memorable moments of your life with the help of a camera. The memory space provided in the phone is enough to store all your data and keep it safe. Therefore, no one can deny the fact that mobile phones are essential for your daily life. The work that you did on large PC by sitting at a particular place, now you can do it on your mobile phones by switching your places as well. There are also many useful features that let you perform many different tasks.

Mobile phones are software operating devices. Most of the people are using android phones. Android is the name of the software which can be updated. These software makes your phone work efficiently and also provides many facilities that you cannot do in an old mobile phone before. As this is a software device so there may be some issues in software due to which you lost your important data.

Moments that you spend with your loved ones are very important for you. Those pictures that you took with them always makes you feel happy whenever you see them. Therefore, I am sure that you always want to keep those memories with you at every step of your life. Not only pictures there are also many important documents that you can save on your phones. Sometimes you forget to transfer those data to your laptops or PCs. And due to some mishaps, your all data along with pictures got removed from the memory or your phone got hanged and unable to work more. Then what you can do in such situation? Will you get your data back? Then don’t worry, android mobile phones provide the backup facility through which you can easily save your all data and also restore it.

Now there are many applications through which you can easily backup your data. Hence if your phone is damaged or any incident with your phone let your data loss then through backup features you will easily achieve them back.


For the people who have their phones all the time with them will have to save their data. There are a lot of contacts, emails, data, pictures and applications that are very important for you. So for keep them save you should know all the backup techniques.

·         Google Backup:

Google backup is one of the easiest ways to keep your all data and application save. You can back up your stuff including emails, contacts, pictures, and all types of application and restore them in the new device.


When you buy an android mobile, the first thing you should do is to make google account.

 Google account is simple to make as you make it in your PCs. After making the google account you just follow these steps in order to backup your data automatically:

1.      Go to the ‘setting’ option.

2.      In setting tap on the ‘personal’ option.

3.      In personal you go to ‘backup and restore’ option.

4.      There you select ‘backup my data and automatic restore’.

 This process let your data backup automatically and due to any mishap you will easily get your data by login with the same account in another android device. The feature that increases your comfort level is that the data from different application can also backup. There is a backup options provided in the application like WhatsApp, skype etc... by activation this option all your application data will also backup. Therefore, when you will install that application in another device and use restore option you can get all your saved data back without any loss of information.

·         Manually Backup:

You can also use other methods to make your data safe and secure. One method is manual backup. In this backup you can transfer all your data to your computer. By using a USB cable, you can simply transfer all the data and pictures in your computer. Just make a new separate folder in your PCs and place all your mobile data in it. This method is very useful. Therefore, when you buy a new mobile phone then you can retransfer all the data from the computer to the mobile.

·         SD CARD BACK UP:

Another simplest way to back up your data is by using SD card. SD card is known as a small memory card. It comes in different sizes like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and so on. You just place the SD card in your phone and transfer all the necessary data to it. Then you can put it out and place it in the safe place. You can also leave your SD card in the phone so that further data can also be stored in it. But in some mobile the space for SD card is not provided. In that case you can use other backup procedures and keep your data safe.

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