Newly Designed iPhone X Features

After the beautiful innovation of Apple that is IPHONE X, it is difficult for any other brand to provide such type of attractive features that iPhone X have. There are a lot of features that are beyond your imagination and make iPhone X more stylish and unique in the mobile market.


·         It’s All About Screen:

The screen of iPhone X is of 5.8 inches with super retina. Your hands can easily grip this new stylish invention by Apple. The screen it has is slightly curve from the corners that further enhance its beauty. It also has an OLED display that provides the high quality brightness with perfect colors.


·         Perfect Glassy Look:

It also provides you the perfect glassy look on the front and on the back as well. This feature also makes it unique among all and also add attractive look to your personality when you hold it. It has a beautiful stainless steel design that is waterproof and dust resistant as well.


·         Just a Single Swipe:

IPhone X has a home screen button free screen. Now you don’t need to press any button to go on home screen or anywhere else. You just have to swipe the screen and access the application you want.


·         Face ID Recognition:

There is another great feature in iPhone X. The face ID recognition is another way to make your phone more secure. You can make your face as your password. It has true depth camera that has an ability to scan more than 30,000 marks on your face.


·         True Depth Camera:

Now you can take appealing selfies with iPhone X’s camera that also maintain background blur impact more beautifully. Its new portrait mode feature will increase its effect by producing studio lightening effect to the pictures.


·         Dual 12MP Camera:

This feature provides the best pictures, high in contrast and its fast lenses support outstanding pictures and videos even in low lights. It also provides optical and digital zooming option of about 10× for photos and 6× for videos.


·         Fast Operation Features:

IPhone X has A11 Bionic that is the slimiest chip that also provides you reality experience when you are playing games or using any other applications along with neutral engine that performs 600 billion operations/second. It also has four cores processor that are 70 percent quick as compared to A10 Fusion and two cores are 25 percent speedy. GPU that are designed by Apple is also 30 percent faster when you compare it with A10 Fusion.


·         Long Lasting Battery Timings:

The battery timing of iPhone X is more as compare to iPhone 7. It stays two times more than other iPhone that will let you work more efficiently.


·         Wireless Charger:

If your iPhone is not charged and you are in hurry to go outside then don’t worry, iPhone X enables wireless charging. You are provided with wireless technology like stations and mats through which you can easily charge your phone anywhere you want.

Above are the mind-blowing features of the iPhone X which you can enjoy more while using it. So don’t waste much time in thinking just but this new stylish iPhone X and enjoy these extraordinary high quality features.



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