Most Common Smartphones Repair Seen By Smart Fix Technicians

At Smart Fix, we live for technology keeping every mobile user’s repairing problems solved. Thus, we work diligently to ensure every customer has a working phone no matter what the day, occasion, or weather is. Arguably, mobile phones act as a primary connection that keep your interaction with your family, friends, employer, social media, and endless entertainment options without letting you run here and there. Like other gadgets and electronics, there are chances that you’ll encounter a technical hiccup in your cell phone at some point. Luckily, you can sort out these little or some big issues by simply taking a mobile repairing appointment at Smart Fix.

Dropping your phone and cracking the screen can completely ruin your day. Thus, you want to have mobile repair service done as soon as possible without investing your time and energy into the process where money and time can be eaten endlessly. However, any day, you can fix many problems with your handset for cheaper than an insurance claim. With the great advancement in internet shopping and booking services, life gets much easier and you will only need to book a phone repairing appointment and we will be on your doorstep without making you run out of time. We take pride in what we do and have made thousands of repairs of all types. However, the most common repairs we make at Fix My Phone are as follows:

Screen Replacement

We know our phones are expensive mobile computers packed with fragile miniature technology, but the most common feature on your phone that requires repair is the screen. Although, it’s the most common cell phone repairing issue that our technicians faced and provided services for. From faulty screens, to cracked screens, or completely shattered screens, we can help. In some instances, we are able to repair a cracked screen without a full replacement. You can contact us on call to see what options you may have and then select the best solution.

The Home Button

Most smartphones have a screen that fits the full face of the device along with a ‘Home’ button. You might think you don’t actually need this button until it stops working. When this happens, you lose the ability to navigate your phone. We’re familiar with this problem and can get it working in no time at all.

The Power Button

It’s the least likely to be used, but yet still has a potential to become damaged. When your device freezes, dies, or need a restart, you’ll need this button. Without it, you will have a cell phone that does not work. Stop by Fix My Phone for help.

Charging Port

It’s a fact that any phone’s charging port can wear out over time. This is especially true if you have ever jammed the charger into the port or twisted the cable when not in use. The charger point can also break off and get stuck inside the port. Because this is a sensitive issue, it’s advisable to not try any DIY methods and bring your cell phone to us for an examination.

Water Damage

It happens and it’s not always fixable. Whether you unintentionally just spill a drink on it or you leave your cell phone in your jeans pocket while doing laundry, water damage can put an instant end to your device. Even worse, most warranties do not cover water damage. But still we never mind taking our phones everywhere, and we risk dropping them into water or other liquid. When this happens, turn off your device and remove the battery if possible. Skip the dryer method and leave the rice for a side dish at dinner. Take your phone to any of our locations as soon as possible to ensure a speedy, hassle free repair. No matter what issue you’re experiencing, we can handle it. make all your mobile issues vanished by giving us a call and our service provider will delight you by taking less time in reaching you and fix cell phone issues in much less time charging you most affordable price.

5 Quick Tips To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Damage

- Keep your mobile in a backpack, purse, pocket or somewhere secure place when not using it

- Never avoid using a substantial case on your phone, no matter how many times you think that it looks better in the nude

- Don’t set your phone on your lap when you sit down, ever

- Do not bring your phone in the bathroom with you. (I know, it’s hard, but you can do it)

- Buy insurance and back up your device.

Still, if you experience any phone issue, don’t worry as we are here to handle it. our experienced technicians team will make all your mobile issues vanished by giving us a call and our service provider will delight you by taking less time in reaching you and fix cell phone issues in much less time charging you most affordable price.

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