What to do When Your Mobile Responds Strangely - Fix it Up

Has your phone started acting strangely; has it lost its ability to charge or hold a charge for very long, does it turn off randomly, does it lock up frequently or will it just not turn on? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you. We will be discussing the most common, strange behaviors smartphones exhibit, and what you can do when they arise.

Not Charging or Holding a Charge for Long

When your phone has stopped charging or rapidly loses its charge, there is most likely a problem within the battery itself or your charger. And luckily it’s not a big issue that should make you go crazy as it can be solved within some minutes. Just act smartly by following our pro tips and your phone will be all perfect without asking you to book a mobile repairing appointment or running to the phone shop to get it fixed. Here you go with a useful tip: If you have another compatible charger lying around, you can try that to see if it resolves the issue or if you have a spare battery, so you can try that as well to get it checked. If it still not working then visit our website, which is Smarttfix.com to have a tech inspect your device in further detail.

Act Strange as Someone Else is Controlling It

There are some cases where the users feel that phone is acting like it`s been controlled by someone else and they are screwing with it. For example, while listening to music it would randomly calls people, for a few second, then end the call, over and over. Even when the phone screen is locked it still call people, and when listening to music the phone would call random people, and the music restart. In this scenario, don’t panic and feel like that your personal info or your phone has been used by someone else understand the fact that phones can start to malfunction over time, and many people similar problems. We can give you a solution for that as we are assuming that you`ve updated your phone to the latest available OS version (under Settings/About Phone/Software Update). You might just have to bite the bullet and do a factory data rest, which will erase all of your local data (so make sure it`s all backed up). You`ll have to reinstall all of your apps afterwards as well. In case, if you will still face the same issues you can contact us and one of our mobile repairing service representative will reach your place to fix the issues.

Randomly Powers Off

Does your phone power off at random, without you touching any button? If yes, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. In some instances, all your phone needs is a software update. However, usually there is a problem with your hardware. Think about whether or not you’ve dropped your phone in water or dirt, or onto a hard surface. If so, your phone should have an assessment as soon as possible.

Frequently Locks Up

A phone that frequently locks up, or freezes in the most untimely moments might be very annoying. Luckily, this typically happens when there is a software conflict or you’ve overloaded your memory. Another reason for your phone to freeze up on you could be a failing memory card. All of these problems can be fixed in no time at all.

Fix My Phone: Repair Services You Can Count On

Having a phone that works is important these days. The last thing you may want to think about is buying a new phone because you cannot get your current one to turn on. Generally, these issues can be fixed for a fraction of the price it will cost you to replace your phone. Because some small problems can evolve into bigger problems, don’t wait by hoping the issue will magically correct itself. To get your issue solved without running here and there, just be relax and book an appointment at Smartt Fix and we will make sure to help you out in every way possible. Our mobile repairing service person will reach your doorstep to deal with your mobile problems.

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