Instant Repair at Your Doorsteps

Ever faced the situation that your phone fell off even when you`ve gripped it tight? If yes, then this is something casual and expected. We get panic; we feel that our heartbeat has stopped working at the moment and we start assuming that our phone has become a trash now. Unbelievably, every kind of broken phone can get fixed. You just need to add little efforts. It`s not that mandatory that every level of broken phone needs to get fixed at the repair services or by any high skilled technician.

Well, it is not even that easy as a piece of cake! Not even a makeup fixer can fix the foundation just as you can fix your phone sitting at your home. Yes your home. Here are some simple tips you need to follow for fixing up a broken mini-world of yours.

1) Fixing of a Charging Port

Over time, your phone`s charging port get loose. Everything requires time and care. If you don`t value your things and don`t take care of your essentials, they`ll slowly and gradually fade away. The things you take care for today will help you in future. We don`t consider silly things such as the placement of our data cables. We often fold them too much that the wires are folded into an inappropriate way and get tangled and broken. You often feel that your port has loosened or your data cable is not going well with the phone, the problem might be in your charging port.

An Easy Tip: Fix a sharpened tooth pick to get the dirt out. After cleaning, the plug must be firmly plugged.

2) How to Get Rid of an Overheating Phone

Do you feel fire in your pocket? You assume that the weather is quite hot even when it is not day time. This could be merely because of the battery. Everything has a time limit. Nothing lasts long. When your phone starts giving fireballs, it`s time to change your battery. Nonetheless, it could be hardware or a software problem too. Some applications are draining; it gives excessive load to your battery. Therefore, giving some relief to your phone might help you overcoming this problem. Try to keep your phone cooler by adding a non breathable case and check if it works.

Suggestion: Don`t put your phone into refrigerator for cooling it down.

3) Working with the Non-Working Buttons

It is not always necessary to replace your buttons when they`re not working. Isn`t it intolerant when your buttons stuck or become irresponsive? Sometimes embarrassing too when you`re in friends; wanting to show something important or funny but your phone is not your best friend at that time. It is because of the irresponsive buttons that your phone does not work efficiently. No need to replace them, all you need is a small amount of rubbing alcohol, swap it with cotton and press the non-working button fewer times. Isn`t it simple? This couldn`t be the reason every time. Spare parts and replaceable buttons are present online. Utilize your tool kit and replace it yourself.

Advice: If all the remedies don`t go with your device, use the software solutions too.

4) Get Yourself Rid of a Retired Battery

Batteries don`t last longer. It is therefore mandatory for the life of your phone to change the battery because the functioning becomes slow day by day. Do you face silly problems in the functioning of your phone? The problem emerges as an abrupt decrease in battery percentage or sudden shutting down of your phone. Similarly, your battery doesn`t hold the same charging timing it used to hold. These are the indications that your battery should be replaced. It is often simple for android users but, not that difficult for iPhone users too. The procedure is hassle free and you can get the replacement battery online or in stores. All you need to acquire is your tool kit and a little confidence. Open up your phone, replace the battery carefully with wide eyes open.

Tip: Try it out and you`ll be surprised with the new life of your battery. It will add colors to the life of your phone.

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