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There is the vast advancement in technology. Like the iPhone, Apple also launched there iPad which let you work easily at your desired location. They are light in weight and easily portable. Apple`s iPads are a little bit expensive but they are worth buying. Its operating system is very fast and the battery timing is last longer. There are many different categories in iPads. Ipad mini 2 is one of them. This iPad provide satisfaction related to its performance. But what if your ipad mini 2 is facing some problem like the battery issue. Your ipad mini 2 cannot charge properly and discharge very quickly than before. Then you should replace the battery of your ipad mini 2. Companies that replace the battery charges a huge amount of money and take a lot of time in repairing. So we come up with the method through which you can easily replace iPad battery at home.


Following are the few steps through which you can easily replace the iPad mini 2 battery at home:

Required tools:

  • Spudger

  • Suction cup

  • Tweezer

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • iPad mini 2 new battery

  • iPad mini 2 digitizer

Steps to follow:

  • Place the suction cup on the display screen.

  • Make sure that the suction cup is fully placed on the screen that it stick to it tightly.

  • Now hold the screen from one hand and then pull the suction cup slightly in order to lift the display screen up from the body of iPad.

  • Now hold the suction cup and slide the opening pick between the gaps.

  • Remove the suction cup.

  • Now take the second opening pick and place it beside the first opening pick. You do this to remove the adhesive.

  • Now slide the second opening pick downwards to remove the adhesive and similarly slide the first opening pick upward.

  • If the opening pick is blocked by the adhesive then roll the opening pick in order to continue the process.

  • While sliding the opening pick move it towards the top left side of the iPad mini 2 so that you can also remove the adhesive of that side.

  • As the front camera is also located at the top of the iPad mini 2 so stop sliding the opening pick as you reached the camera. Then slide the opening pick carefully above the camera without damaging it.

  • Like this, slide the opening pick to all the four sides of the iPad mini 2 to remove the adhesive that connects the body and the screen together.

  • Placed the opening pick at the four corners so that the screen cannot stick back to the body.

  • Along with the safety of the camera, also keep in mind that there are also some components that are placed at the bottom side of the iPad mini 2 like antennas, digitizer cable and home button cavity. Slide the opening pick in such a manner that you these components are not damaged.

  • At the upper corner, you placed the opening picks before, try to twist those opening pick so that the screen is lifted up slightly.

  • By doing this when all the adhesives are removed then open the display screen like the notebook.

  • The housing of the front camera is stick on the damaged display screen so remove it from the screen and placed it back on the camera to protect it from any damage.

  • Now remove the piece of foam that is placed on the top and bottom right sides screws that protects the LCD.

  • Also, remove the tape that is placed on the top of the left side LCD screws.

  • You can remove the foam and tape with the help of the tweezer.

  • Remove the four screws that are placed at the four corners of the LCD by using the Phillips screwdriver.

  • LCD is connected to the speakers by a tape. Use the tweezers to remove that tape.

  • Again by using the tweezer also remove the foam tape from the top that covers the LCD.

  • Now place the spudger tool between the tape and the screen in order to detach the LCD and tape.

  • Place the guitar pick between the LCD and the body of the iPad mini 2 from the left corner.

  • Repeating the above step on the right side.

  • Now remove the adhesive between the LCD and black metal plate by placing the spudger tool between them.

  • Repeat the above step on the top.

  • Then place the spudger tool between the LCD and the shield plate and remove the adhesive by sliding it gently.

  • When the LCD is free from adhesive then lift it up to make sure that all the adhesives are removed accurately.

  • Now place the spudger tool between the speaker and the tape.

  • Separate the tape from the left speaker by rotating the spudger tool along with pulling the LCD apart.

  • Doing the same thing with the right side of the speaker.

  • Remove the 16 screws that are placed on the left and right side of the LCD shield plate by using Phillips screwdriver.

  • From the top side of the LCD shield place the spudger tool starting from the bottom.

  • Slide the spudger tool to remove the shield plate from the body of the iPad mini 2.

  • Now LCD shield plate is easily removed from the body of the iPad mini 2.

  • Connector shield is attached to the logic board by the three Phillips screws, open those screws.

  • Remove that shield by the help of tweezer.

  • Now pull the battery connector upward with the help of the plastic opening tool.

  • Like this pull the LCD connector from the logic board.

  • Now place the spudger between the LCD at the right side of the iPad mini 2.

  • After sliding the spudger tool the tape is removed and the LCD is needed to be pulled up.

  • Doing the same procedure on the left side.

  • Now you can easily remove the LCD from the iPad mini 2.

  • Now remove the digitizer connector from the logic board by using the opening tool.

  • Now separate the front panel from the iPad mini 2.

  • Now after separating the screen the main to do is to replace the battery of the iPad mini 2.

  • Therefore put the card between the body of the iPad mini 2 and the battery from the top left side.

  • By applying the force, push the card inside in order to break all the adhesives.

  • Now again insert the card at the right top side of the battery and tear down all the adhesives.

  • Left the card inside so that the adhesive cannot connect back to the battery.

  • Now repeat the above procedure to break the adhesive from the right and left bottom of the battery by using the new plastic card and left it inside after breaking the adhesives.

  • Now hold both of the cards that is placed upside and bottom right side of the battery and try to lift the battery upward from the body of the iPad mini 2.

  • When the battery lifts up from the right side then further use the plastic card and remove the remaining adhesives that connect to the battery.

  • Now the battery is free from all the adhesive you can simply remove it from the body and place the new one.


Repeat the above procedure in reverse order so that you can fix the new battery and screen back to the body of the iPad mini 2.

But if you fail to replace the battery at home after doing the above process then what to do?

Don`t worry Smart fix is here to help you in these conditions.


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Our services are always available for you at any time. Whatever the time is, you just make a single call and our technicians will be at your doorstep. Once you avail our services and show your trust in us then I guarantee you will also like our services