No doubt, Apple iPhones are one of the best brands of smartphones. There are many models Of Apple iPhone and all are different from one another. The design, style and specifications of each model is unique. The operating system of Apple iPhone is iOS which can get updated after sometime. Hence iPhone 5s is one of the best models of Apple`s iPhone. Its features are unique and amazing. The display screen gives the crystal clear display and the camera result is also very clear. The memory space allows you to store all your memorable event in such a small device. But to use all the feature it is necessary that your iPhone 5s is working properly.

If you do not take care of your iPhone 5s device, then your device is not responding properly. Sometimes due to overcharging or any other mishap your device won`t turn on. Therefore, to solve your problem we provide you with some of the tricks through which you are able to turn on your device again.




There are many methods which you can try to turn on your iPhone 5s if it won`t.


                   1.Recharge your iPhone 5s:


Sometimes you forget to charge your iPhone and its battery is drained completely. If your iPhone 5s is not turn on then first recharge it. When you connect your iPhone 5s to the charger, at that time charging icon is not appearing on the screen immediately because the battery is fully drained. It turns on when the battery gains some charging.


When the red filter battery icon occurs on the screen three times and then mobile turn off, it means that your iPhone does not accept charging.


                   2. Try to Restart it:


Restart your iPhone 5s. To restart you have to press the wakeup button and keep pressing it until and unless a red filter appears on the screen. When it appears then slide across it to power off and repeat the same process to restart it.


If your iPhone 5s is not responding, then press the wake button along with the home button for 10 seconds. Keep pressing them until Apple logo appears.


       3. Reset the Device:

If the above two methods won`t work, then reset your device. Reset the device set your iPhone 5s to the factory default setting. For doing this go to the `setting` then `general` option and select `reset`.


       4. Restore All Data:


Restore the data. If all the methods fail then try to restore data. For data restoring you should have iTunes application. If you don`t have it then install the latest version of iTunes. Then connect your device to the PC or MAC. After connecting select your device under when it appear under devices in iTunes. Then go the `summary` tab and click `restore`. If your data is not backed up then there comes the option to back up your data through which you can easily backup all your contacts, photos and all the important data. Then waiting for the completion of restore process after selecting `restore`.


       5. Set Device in Recovery Mode:


If you set the device to the recovery mode then make sure that your all the data is backed up otherwise your all contents are loss.

. To set on the recovery mode turn off your iPhone 5s.

. Then connect the USB cable to the computer only.

. While pressing the home button, connect the USB cable to the iPhone 5s.

. After appearing `connect to iTunes` on the on the lower side, release the home button. After doing this your device is set to recovery mode and your iPhone 5s is turn on.


After trying all the above methods your device is still not responding, it means that your iPhone is facing some serious issue and you need a technician to fix the problem. We will provide you the best technician that will solve all your problems.




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